Welcome to the website of Gwynfil Chapel, Llangeitho

Inside the chapel (c) Capel Gwynfil

Inside the chapel

The purpose of this website is to share information about Gwynfil Chapel and the life and work of the famous preacher from Llangeitho, Daniel Rowland (c.1713–1790), and extend an invitation for you to visit the chapel and the Llangeitho area or worship with us on a Sunday.

Since the establishment of the first chapel in 1760, this place of worship has had a long and rich history. At one time Llangeitho was regarded as the ‘Jerusalem’ of the Methodists in Wales, and up to 10,000 worshippers would travel here each Sunday to listen to Daniel Rowland and receive communion from him.

We hope that this website will be a means of sharing the remarkable story of what happened in Llangeitho, and extending a warm welcome to this century’s ‘pilgrims’.

Congregation of 4000 at Llangeitho yn 1935

Congregation of 4000 at Llangeitho yn 1935